Airwheel SE3S Electric Ride On Suitcase Scooter Carry-On

Discover amazing travel with the Airwheel SE3S: an electric ride on suitcae scooter equipped with a cup holder, USB charging, TSA lock, hard side, anti-loss alarm, and electric riding functionality, all seamlessly managed via the app.

Airwheel se3s
Airwheel se3s
Airwheel se3s
Airwheel se3s
Airwheel se3s
Airwheel se3s
Airwheel se3s
Airwheel se3s
Airwheel se3s

New Traveling Way

Amazing for 20-inch electric suitcase that you can ride – Airwheel SE3S! You can handly carry on this suitcase to the plane. SE3S not only can be carried your stuff, but also becomes your personal ride! SE3S speed up 8.08 mph (13km/h) and you can cruise it up to 6 miles (10km) (varies based on surface and inclines). So, it’s like your gear and wheels, all in one package!

Airwheel se3s

Tired for Riding, Remote Control

Change to a new method of SE3S suitcase scooter remote control while you are tried of riding. Install and open the Airwheel App on your mobile phone. The App not only commands the motor suitcase to move forward or backward, but also sets the riding speed of the suitcase. Besides, the color of SE3S ride on suitcase light can also be adjusted through the App.

With a dedicated App, you can easily manage your Airwheel suitcae remotely and direct it to where you want it, even when you’re not near it.

Airwheel se3s

Anti-Lost Alerts

If you don’t want to lose your Airwheel SE3S ride on suitcase, you can try to use the smart alerts for distance function of the smart suitcase. Airwheel connects to your bracelet via Bluetooth and the distance is set on the Airwheel App.

When your suitcase exceeds the distance you set, your electric suitcase will sound an alarm. Or the Bluetooth signal of your SE3S is lost, the light of the suitcase will flash quickly to notify you.

Airwheel se3s

One-Click to Start Ride-On

Don’t worry it is difficult to drive Airwheel SE3S. It can be started with just one click. First, you put the removable 73.26wh battery in the electric suitcase and press the start button, and SE3S will open automatically. Then, after opened, the red light on the side of the suitcase will light up, and pressing different buttons can allow the retractable front wheel to automatically expand and contract.

In addition, you can also choose to switch between riding or dragging the Airwheel suitcase modes according to different actual scenarios.

Airwheel se3s

Pressure Buttons, Easy Control

Simply control the Airwheel suitcase to make your travel easier and more convenient. The smart control handle of the Airwheel SE3S integrates forward, brake and reverse functions. When you ride it, you mainly control the left and right buttons of the handle. When the left button is pressed, it is the brake. When you press the right button, it goes forward.

When you press the left and right buttons at the same time, it goes backwards. You can operate different buttons according to your own riding needs.

Airwheel se3s

73.26 Wh Removable Battery, Travel- Friendly!

The battery of the Airwheel SE3S is a 73.26Wh removable lithium battery. The removable battery has passed UN38.3 certification, ensuring that it complies with the 100Wh power limit of UN, TSA, FAA and IATA, and can be safely disassembled and passed aviation security inspection.

This power bank can not only provide stable battery life for the electric ride on suitcase, but can also be used as a power bank to charge other devices.

Airwheel se3s

2 USB Ports, Charged On-The-Go

Mobile phones and other devices sometimes need emergency charging while traveling. Airwheel SE3S ride on suitcase has dual USB charging ports, which can charge 2 different devices at the same time.

While you’re riding SE3S, you’re guaranteed to be able to charge the devices that need charging. Additionally, you can charge your iPhone up to eight times by this Airwheel SE3S power bank, allowing you to stay connected and productive throughout your trip.

Airwheel se3s

TSA Lock, Air Travel Approved!

Airwheel SE3S is equipped with a TSA security & fingerprint lock. You don’t have to worry about your ride on suitcase being damaged by aviation security when you go out. Rest assured, the locks work seamlessly with aviation security protocols.

It strictly adheres to the regulations of authorities such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Make sure your trip is safe and secure while checking the luggage.

Airwheel se3s

20L Enough Storage

Airwheel SE3S measures 360 x 240 x 550mm (including handles and wheels), making it fully compliant with most airline carry-on baggage restrictions. This ensures secure storage in the overhead compartment, eliminating concerns about potential damage during check-in or flight. In addition, SE3S adopts a spacious 20L side-opening design, which can accommodate all the necessities carried by airlines.

Not only does it simplify your travel, allowing you to board directly, there’s no need to worry about checking Airwheel SE3S.

Airwheel se3s

Aerospace-Grade Materials

Airwheel SE3S electric ride on suitcase is made of high-quality 6 series aluminum alloy frame to ensure stability and prevent deformation. This electric ride on suitcase scooter has an excellent weight capacity of 110 kg (242.51 lbs) while maintaining structural integrity for worry-free travel. In addition, SE3S is made from a blend of ABS and PC materials for great strength and compression resistance.

This sturdy structure protects your belongings from impacts and rough treatment, reducing the chance of damage during travel and enhancing your travel safety.

In the Box

SE3S Luggage

Airwheel se3s

Power Bank

Airwheel se3s


Airwheel se3s


Airwheel se3s

Manual & Warranty

Airwheel se3s



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Can I carry my Airwheel SE3S on any airline?

While the answer is yes, in our actual survey, some airlines will indicate on the check-in table that electric suitcases are not allowed, such as Thailand. Therefore, we recommend that you check with your local airline before departure.

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